Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Walk to Emmaus

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Only my salvation was more life changing than my experience at "The Walk to Emmaus". I see God's love more clearly now and feel more enamored to be bold for Christ. In this blog I will journal how the Holy Spirit is working in my life since attending "the Walk". The intent is not to bring attention to myself, but to show to others the awesome power of prayer and God's love.

So what's happened so far?

One of the first things I did was to go to my father-in-law and ask his forgiveness for my mishandling of a situation that involved him on a roof that he had no business being on.

What I did....
In short, I lost my temper and railed him bigtime for being up there. He has terrible balance resulting from a past head trauma. One more shot to the head and it will likely kill him. He does this sort of thing all the time and he just won't listen to the pleas of his family to stop put himself in compromising positions. So I yelled at him.... harshly....violently....because I love him and don't want to see him hurt or dead.

What Christ would have had me do....
Climb the ladder. Stand next to him to steady and support him. Allow him to finish the work he started. Assist him off the roof and then say...."Do you think being on the roof was a wise decision? Could you have not waited until I got here to do that? Please, call me the next time you have a project that might be a little safer if you had someone to assist you. You are not an invalid and can still do many things, but but being on a roof alone is not one of them. I love you and I don't want to see you hurt."

You see, he has always been a "get it done" guy. He could outwork men half his age. Hard work and keeping busy is all he's ever known, it's part of who he is. If I would have shown empathy I would have realized how difficult it must be forced to go from that type of person to one who needs a lot of help and can't do for himself like he once did. No longer having the physical ability or stamina that only a couple of years ago he once had and that in the blink of an eye was taken from him. His whole world, everything that defines him...... gone.

My wife just shared this with me yesterday. A few days before I apologized to her father, she prayed for reconciliation and healing. She was very distraught about the entire episode and didn't know what to do. Wrong. She knew exactly what to do..... she prayed.

The softening of my heart at "the Walk" and her prayer allowed the Holy Spirit to work in me and the result was conviction to the point of tears and rendering a much needed apology.


Yesterday we were coming out of Lowe's and encountered a couple trying desperately to fit 2 cabinets into a very small car. I felt the "Holy Elbow" in the ribs and offered to load up the cabinets in my truck and take them to their home. When money came up I simply said, "Nope, just a little taste of God's love for you." So we loaded them up and off we went, my wife relinquishing her front seat to our new aquaintence and her husband needing to go to Petco lagged behind. We arrived at their home in Raytown, got the cabinets upstairs and were offered money again, to which I replied, "No, no, no...we're called to love our neighbor as ourselves" and away we went.


Check in from time to time and see how God continues to use and bless us and by all means please leave comments that reflect how God is working in yours.